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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Harajukize NGC 5: Cosa Nostra

This thing of ours.

Wooot! Outtakes from Harajukize NGC 5: Cosa Nostra.

So Tinta Productions had this project incorporated with our monthly NGC event. Yatta! Successful gathering ever!

A multitude of cosplayers. Lots of newbies. Go gangsters!

TINTA cosplaying BLEACH Mafia. OMG! Byakuya-sama!

Hitsuzen Inc cosplaying KHR. Blaze guys!

Kawaii ninja girl kills all Bleach mafia. Femme fatale!

Reborn? You killed all the Vongolas!

CLASH! Go grab your weapons!

Hitsuzen Inc would like to thanks Mr. Kimwell Laluma for the photos. Also to Ms. Annie May Valdez for her pretty shots!

Long live the Mafia!