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Monday, September 13, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Experimenting School

Maka visits Crona on the day of his/her first day at Shibusen after asking Sid for permission, as the zombie fails to coax Crona out of his/her room. Maka enters Crona's room to get him/her out. After a shaky start as Maka gives Crona a Maka Chop by accident after aiming for Ragnarok who had flipped her skirt, she and Marie coax her out and show her around the Academy. They are met by Soul, who asks Crona how he/she feels about Shibusen. However, Crona, depressed, seems fully convinced that he/she will never fit in. To cheer her up, Maka proposes that Crona write a poem to express him/herself, which is met immediately with scorn by Soul (who suffers multiple Maka Chops as punishment). However, Crona's poem ends up so depressing, that Maka, Marie, Soul, and even Black Star end up getting depressed with him/her and sitting in a corner.
Later on, Maka, Soul and Crona are sent on a mission to Loew Village in the Czech Republic after an incident involving the Oldest Golem. There, the gang ask around about the event with no results. Their arrival seems to attract hostility from the villagers. They soon meet a man named Sou who promises to tell them about the incident.
While following Sou, Soul expresses his suspicions about him, and indeed, the group are soon attacked by the Oldest Golem. Maka quickly notices the Golem has a Soul Wavelength, despite the fact that Golems do not have souls. At this point, the man named Sou reveals himself to be Giriko and transforms into his Weapon form and partners with the Oldest Golem. The Golem goes after Maka and Soul and quickly overwhelms them. Maka then convinces Ragnarok and Crona into helping her. With that, the two team up and battle the enemy. Maka manages to get through the Golem's guard, cut the Golem and, immediately after dealing the strike, a large amount of spider webs shoot out of the opening and paralyzes her. This forces Crona to defend her when the Golem strikes. Soul watches over the paralyzed Maka. Maka then watches numerous spiders congregate and form into the Witch Arachne. Arachne reveals that she had been surveying the world for hundreds of years through the eyes of many spiders. She proves this by referring to Soul and Maka by name, identifying Crona as Medusa's child, and correctly recounting how Maka and Soul had argued on who had burnt dinner yesterday. She tells Maka that it had been Soul who had forgotten to turn off the stove, and Maka gives Soul a glare, as her partner feigns innocence.
The battle soon seems hopeless, as Crona is overwhelmed by Giriko, who is ordered by Arachne to kill him/her. Before Crona can be beheaded, Justin Law makes it in time to prevent it. Maka, along with Soul, watches the battle between Justin and Giriko. She expresses her awe at both of the Weapons' power. When Giriko escapes with Arachne, Justin fights against the Oldest Golem and beheads it with his Law-Abiding Silver Gun. After defeating it, he orders everyone to pray for it. As Maka closes her eyes, she hears Soul curse to himself about being too weak to fight for Maka like Justin and Giriko, and gives him a concerned look.
After Justin defeats the golem, he carries the paralysed Maka off inside the coffin attached to his dune buggy. Maka is annoyed as everyone pretends to ignore her, and sympathizes with Sid as she finds herself covered in flowers in a coffin.