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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good job, Blizzard

Lately, Blizzard has been making questionable decisions to the dismay of its long-time fans. StarCraft II having no LAN support and a hefty price tag above other PC game titles scream rip-off. What Blizzard has done right recently, though, is take advantage of Alodia's strong influence over the brainless worshipers of hers to promote SC2 in the country.

I am now completely convinced that every favor Blizzard has done for the so-called cosplay goddess of the Philippines is in the genius effort to tap into the Filipino audience. In return for the gifts and the acting stint she was given, Alodia is now talking about SC2 on her Facebook account.

As we all know, any post there garners the attention of thousands of horny fuckers. Surely, some of those "fans" of hers will find the urge to buy or at least try out pirate copies of SC2 hoping to be on the same boat as their beloved damsel.

It's a good ploy on Blizzard's part. While over half of Alodia's fans are squatters who can never dish out P3500 for a copy of StarCraft 2 unless they rob every sari-sari store they could find, a good number can come up with the money and hop online wishing they would somehow run across a player named "Alodia", chat her up, and either try to impress her with their "pro gaming skills" or be a gentleman and deliberately lose.

Well played, Blizzard. Well played.