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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hall of Shame Rejects 2 Ren Kazama: Remade

Seems like I made a mistake over the Hall of Shame Rejects. Ren Kazama. IS not the vice president of the NCG. He's just your normal everyday.

Pasta lover.

Gay guy.
Who seeks love.
He joined NCG so he can get love from the real Vice President of NCG. But, since he's a "pretty" boy. The NCG Vice President doesn't love him. And so Ren Kazama keeps working hard in his group to one day get the love and affection from the man he loves. Who sadly loves someone else.

Would Ren find his way to the heart of the man of his dreams? Only time will tell. Anyways... Ending this entry. Next up I'll be featuring someone connected to Ren.