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Monday, November 23, 2009

Ayame & Shigure FOREVER. XD

I went to Gure's house yesterday....We drove down main street first (Yes, he let me drive!!). ALL the stores we thought we might stop by were closed. Who closes at 11pm? CHEAP. We were like "What the heeeeeeeeck.....". So we stopped by Valero and got some hot chocolate (Gure got some other coffee cacca) then headed to his house.
Oookaaay, back to Sheik and Kay-chan.. After Kay's big dog of drooling doom (Demetri, her St.Bernard) knocked my hot cocoa and slightly burned my haaaand....we chilled at the computers and watched Fruits Basket moments. We were cracking up...I miss that show. Heheheh. It was fun though. :] We also started working on styling her wig for Chidori but didn't finish. It'll take longer than I thought it would to begin with.

I haven't bought anything for my Ayame cosplay though...aside from the wig which hasn't come in yet (probably in like a week in a half or more). Kay-chan bought a pattern we'll use though for the tops...I kind of want to buy the pants if I can find matching cotton pants. I just really don't want to make the pants...and then they turn out like crap and I wasted fabric. I can't afford to waste fabric right now. ;_;

Aww...I'm tired. Please check out Kay-chan's blog if you haven't! :]