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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Camping out for Zelda? No?! >:O

I know I haven't really ranted in this blog, which is a good thing. I'm sure there's enough drama in your life... why would you want to read about mine? No, I'm not going to bash someone in this blog or really give you all the dramatic details (because there really aren't any XD). I just got a bit upset the other day, but luckily thanks to my best female friend, I was able to get over it and feel better.

If you don't game, or aren't a big Zelda probably won't care but maybe you could think of a game you'd really like? ANYWAY. The thing was...I was talking to Robby on msn last night, yes MSN...because we're long distance at the moment. [He comes home in December for good though!] So yeah, on msn chattin' it up. I asked him if he'd camp out with me when the new Zelda game(for wii) comes out, which would probably be around year 2011. So it's a while from now. I explained how it would be really cool since we're big Zelda fans and it would show our devotion! :D Hoping that he would be like, "Sure babe." Or whatever he started giving a whole dang lecture on how it's more "intelligent" to just reserve a copy online and have it mailed to your house. Totally missing my point, I argued back a bit. I didn't call him names or anything (Until later, I called him boring..poor guy..but seriously :O!). I felt so disappointed. He told me how those days had passed and he would probably have more important things to do like school and work. I understood that, because I plan on having the same responsibilities as him. I told him, "When you really like something, taking 1 day off is NOT going to ruin your life." He soon became quiet and I told him I'm just someone who likes to have fun, even if it seems going an extra mile...I will go it for the feeling of it! It's like walking around at a Con or even GOING. You can show off your costume with just pictures online, or you can walk around bruising your feet but being able to enjoy the outcome of it all. (I didn't tell him all that but uh, just adding that in). Anyway...I guess he felt bad that he put me in a bad mood so he popped up a Tic Tac Toe game on msn. I was like "..." I played and beat him. I felt a liiiittle better. (Oh he also dissed Tetris and my love for drumming on Guitar Hero) The game can be annoying but I love playing the drums. UGH. So was all frustrating until Keika talks to me and I explain what happened and she volunteers to visit me (or I visit her) and we'd camp out in front of whatever store we chose, play our DS games or chat with other Zelda fans who would be waiting and have a good time. Oh I'd want to cosplay too. Probably dress as Saria or someone comfortable. Princess Agitha is NOT the most comfortable of outfits. It's not even done but I know it won't be comfortable and it's a freakin' dress. XD

In anycase, we ended up okay. Arguments happen when you're close to someone and you feel disappointed. He was just being himself. Someone who had to grow up really fast. It's quite sad... He does do fun things, don't get me wrong. We've had a lot of great times...sometimes he just makes boring decisions and acts like he's 60 years old. I know, that's mean but it's true. I still love him though and I know he's just a very logical person but TOO logical sometimes. We're young...we need to have some fun! (As long as it' >.>;).

Anyway, this is why I'm glad we have friends. A partner can't always be there for EVERYTHING or enjoy EVERYTHING you do. But Friends? They're pretty much on your side with almost everything...if you're like BFF's. Although I do consider Robby a best friend, there's a difference with girl best friends and him being my male best friend.^~^; I love my friends. We're all crazy and kind of grew up the same. We have our fights too but uh..friends are just a really special thing and I will miss them when I move. :( I do have friends in Texas but...I will miss my friends. Hopefully some of the other friends who already moved will be able to visit me. BROOKELYNN. :O!!! Or Jeska!

Ahh. Well I'm sorry if this blog was annoying. I hope I didn't sound like a little brat whining. :[ I do love my fiance and we don't have many fights (Anymore..we've grown up a little.. XD). But uh, sometimes I just feel like writing it all out AND I wasn't sure what else to write. I'd like to keep this blog about games and other nerdy stuff I do. :]

Oh and he wants to get me some Mini Ninja game. It looks kind of cute, a bit kiddy but he said it's suppose to be cool and fun. =P I don't mind getting games as a gift..maybe it's a making-up gift? I don't know. Suppose I will try it out. I think he's getting the wii one. At least I can be a Kunoichi!

Alright. I'm gonna go. I have to post a dream I had on my other fashion/Design/creative blog. LOL.