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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ani-Jam Halloween Event!!

Woohoo! It's finally here, I've been anxious to go! I love being around cosplayers and dressing up in general! Unfortunately I will not be a real character. I'll be using my Cardcaptor Sakura uniform but I will be dressing as a vampire school girl. Not even Vampire Sakura because my friend...wasn't going to be Vampire Madison I guess... I'm not sure. All I know is we're just going to be ourselves I guess... o_o; Maybe...I should ask again. I'll be going to her house tonight since we'll be leaving the next day around noon time. I'm going to do our make up... I have some stuff to make us look pale that I put over after I draw on veins along side the face. Gives us a more...fragile, dead look. We already have our fangs...and I'm not sure how we'll do the hair. Probably crazy, like we're...insane but still school girls :O

ANYWAY. It's going to be FUNZZZZ~~~~~~!!!!!!!! (n___n) W00t.

But uh...yah. Can't wait to see some of my other cosplay friends there. I'll be going with 3 of them but we're meeting there with a few other friends. I think Ashley is going to be a evil Alice in Wonderland and Anton will be...Death the kid from SoulEater. Somethin' like that.

I'll make sure to post some pictures..n__n; Cya later....~