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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ahh..I can be so silly!

I'm so sorry if you're interested in my nerdy blog..thingie...I know I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy and the internet is all sucky here at my Mom's house so I don't get on a much!

Friday night I stayed over at Kailey's house...and Thursday was ugh, horrific for a little while. I almost had a panic attack on the highway on the way to Wal-Mart. My anxiety has been acting up because of stress. Luckily from past experience I learned to try my best to calm down..and did much praying... I eventually was okay on the drive back home (15 min drive, but with feels like an hour! @_@) Anyway, I'm okay now. Wow. I just said anyway in rl...right when I typed it. o.O ....but yeaaaaaaaaah. Went to Santa Cruz on Saturday, felt anxious the ride up but once I got there and enjoyed the ocean breeze I felt better. My friend Kay-chan and I had to find common ground because she wanted to ride the huge rollercoaster and I wanted to go into the "Fright Walk" which was like this hounted house walk-through (There's like a small amusement park along the boardwalk..) but we were afraid of each others choices so finally I pointed to the end at the giant arcade and was like, "GAAAAAAAAAMES!!!!" So she was like, "Okay!". So yeah, we played a few videogames. I beat her at MarioKart..bwuahaha, and we took cute photobooth pics! We had been wearing wigs too and got a lot of looks as well as compliments! I had my pink wig on and Kay-chan had my blue wig on. It was muy fun. ;3

Today I visited Kay-chan's church but we were late cause we took forever to get ready! Then we stopped by for donuts. It was funny..I kept cracking jokes the whole way there...I was on a roll. Once we got the donuts I got back onto the main road and this guy was hecka driving slow so I was like, "Ey...ey...LADY WITH A DONUT HERE. GET MOVIN BUDDY BOY!!!" XD Kay-chan started laughing and I was like, "Watch, we're going to get pulled over by like 5 cop cars..." cause the cops in our small town have nothing better to do. XD

After church though our cosplay group got together and we worked on some stuff. It was pretty always. We made some videos--which reminds me, I need to edit them!! Some of us also put on fake mustaches (drew on*) and tried to look like guys. We're having a "Man party" this week....going to bind our chests and try to look like anime guys...meaning we can still have feminine features but manly ness too. BWUAHAHAH >:D Suuuch geeks. Probably watch Callisto play Zelda too.. She needs to finish OOT, play Majora's Mask and Windwaker..the other games she hasn't play. I know, I know..."HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" It's possible..unfortunately.. BUT She hasn't really become a gamer until now so it's acceptable. ;3


I FINALLY GOT THE LOVELY BED FURNITURE!!!!!!!!! ^__________^;; (Animal Crossing)


I'z done. ;3!! Bai bai!!
Oh and I figured out what to be for Halloween (At least for the Ani-jam Halloween Event....Kay-chan and I are going to be either Nariko/Kai vampire school girls or Sakura/Tomoyo vampire school girl. It all depends on if she gets her red wig on time. =/!!! So uhh yeah.........Keika and Ne-chan are going to be witches... so we figured we'd pair up. Callisto is going to be Peter Pan. ^~^ (The rest of the group members aren't going I think. MAYBE Boopy... but yeah CHEAP. ;x)