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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

full of fail -_-

sooooooo this isnt a biggy but i feel REALLY EXTREMLEY stupid for not taking care of my props and cosplay stuff...i get in a rush and i mess up....and i am very this is what happened......i had gone to my friends house for her b-day and we worked on cosplay stuff. i brought some stuff over in a bag and when i went home i set the bag at the end of my bed...and forgot about the Chidori anklets that were in the bag....( i will post "before" prog pics of these later) later another bag got set ontop of it...a very heavey, bigger bag........that crushed them T-T and now im supper mad at myself :( could i be so mean to my cosplay.......grrrr me!...........i had to fix them and they are...okay, but not as good as they were before...i also got in a hurry while making my Elfaria dress and i was cutting off some extra fabric after i had himmed the side leg slit things and......i wasnt paying atention >:(... and i nipped the fabric 3 times...not nipped actually more like cut....giant wholes of doom (okay, not that bad but it looked like it to me......and maybe any other cosplayer.) not only that but i used a strange fabric for this dress so it wasnt shiny and would make the dress look the way i wanted...that fabric was a knit of some sort (yeah) so it could get a run in it. so i had to make sure it was sewn up really good and now it looks like.......small patches of green stitches on the BACK of my least the cosplay gods gave me that much XD...hopefully I've learned my lesson and it doesn't mess my group up in the construction judging.....i feel bad for my group that has to deal with my yeah kinda sad but happy cuz i know that I'm gonna finish and have fun at fanime. just have to do the work, be patient, and get it done. *sigh* yeah sorry for the pathetic post and... i lied about my next post being prog pics....sorry about that too....full of fail remember?XD bye bye peoples............