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Today Cosplay

Friday, April 30, 2010

2:40 Am. Why am I up?

I shouldn't be awake. I should sleep, but instead I'm up.

I actually am tired though..I did cleaning, started on a drawing for the Fair's art show thing and then worked on cosplay... What did I get done you wonder? Well.........

I finally attached the red ball to Mercedes' outfit. I made the bugs that go in the jars out of air dry clay so tomorrow they should be dry enough to paint. I also...cut out the wings for the back of Agitha's dress and started painting layers of glue on to harden the craft foam. Mmm I finished the blanket for the basket today too except I was WANTING to add lace along the bottom but all I could find was an off white lace. She actually has this weird..kind of..thing going on along the edges of the cloth but I'm not sure what that's all about so I'm not doing it.

Ahhhh...I went through some of the boxes I have in the garage. They're full of the stuff I use to have at my dad's until he moved. :[ Now I have tons of stuff in boxes and there's no room in my room here at my mom's... ;/ bleh.

Okay so like it's late. I'm out. Good night!!!!