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Friday, January 28, 2011

J Rock hairstyles

J Rock hairstyles

Ever heard of Japanese-style rock song? The flow of a typical Japanese rock music is famous as the Japanese Rock aka J Rock. A screeching guitar in the Rock is very typical. The main characteristic of the band J Rock band is a unique hair style model colorful (colorful) as well as costume and makeup like a ghost / character animation. The smell of punk and emo hair thick in J Rock. Sebasis with harajuku hair. Of course, long hair more easily modeled similar personnel and enthusiast J Rock.

Group J Rock band music genre that top / famous / popular, among others, X Japan, L'Arc ~ en ~ ciel, Gazette, Janne Da Arc, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Dir en Grey, Skin, UVERworld, Buck-Tick, Kagrra , Maximum the Hormone, D'Erlanger, Nightmare, Versailles, An Cafe, Alice Nine, Orange Range, Back-On, B'z, Glay, Scarf, Daizy Stripper, Supercar, Miyavi, Nanase Aikawa, MUCC, Ill., Blue Hearts , The Back Horn, Guitar Wolf, etc.. In Indonesia, j-rock band steeped in the rhythm of Japanese Rock music.

model's hair style band J-Rocks Indonesia