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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

It's so funny I was born in the month of January because it is my most hated month ever (although I love being an Aquarius)! The east coast is getting slammed with snow storm after snow storm and more is on the way. Boy am I sick of it! Despite the weather, some of my friends made the trip out for my birthday dinner which I appreciate beyond words, some even driving from out of state! It was a lovely dinner and we had lots of laughs. Gratitude to everyone who came out and for my adorable Disney Princess cake! According to the candles, I'm six years old. lol

One of my fans by the name of Rene created this awesome drawing of me in my Cinderella Fables cosplay for my birthday. Be sure to check out his Deviant Art gallery and my thanks to him:    Fan art always blow my mind. I'm astonished anyone would want to draw me and these are actual fan work, not commissions (in other words, I did not pay someone to draw me).
The following morning after my birthday, I had a James Bond photoshoot scheduled but it fell through. It's okay though because I got to spend the rest of the day/weekend with someone special and we got to relax. Special shout out to my friend Keith, who was a fan I met at the San Diego show. We've become good friends and he sent me an Amazon giftcard for my bday!

One of my cosplay girl friends told me I am featured on this "Hot Chicks in Catwoman Costumes" list (she made it too)! These seem to be a random collection and don't appear to be in any specific order. I'm #46:

The Preston and Steve show updated my photo gallery on their website. My undying gratitude to them; I've been doing camera work for them 2 years come June and they have always supported me in my cosplay/modeling career.