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Friday, October 29, 2010

PinoyCosplay Presents: Siopao Master

Here's a guy close to the hearts of many who like to get a good laugh out of the shortcomings of other people while the girls he stalks would rather have him at least a mile away from their personal space. PinoyCosplay brings you: Siopao Master.

Once upon a time in a far away planet, there lived an obnoxious king.

He was friends with some other fat pink alien.

His attitude was as foul as his breath. All his subjects hated him. He was so bad that an evil wizard, his long lost twin, decided to curse him.

Suddenly, he was sent to planet Earth to live the life of a normal human being.

At first, he was amazed. The women were beautiful.

However, he soon realized that he had nothing. Once a king, now a pauper.

He was distraught. He had no idea how to live without all the luxuries of being a king.

In order to survive, he tried all sorts of jobs.



Call center agent.

Secret agent.

Siopao vendor.


He even tried priesthood.

But it was all too much. He wasn't used to the lifestyle of the working class.

His inner demon took over. He went insane.

He started doing bad things. Like taking upskirt pictures of women.

Vandalizing cups of Starbucks in his hatred for capitalism.

Groping Ronald McDonald.

It all went downhill from there. He became miserable and lonely.

He began molesting anime posters and statues of Disney princesses.

Dating toy figures.

Drinking alcohol.

He even learned how to brush his teeth.

For now, only time can tell what the future holds for him. He was last seen sleeping on the streets with nowhere to go to.

Giving away free hugs.

If you're lucky, you can probably find him on sale at the nearest supermarket.