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Monday, August 30, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Uncanny Sword and The Soul that Persisted

Uncanny Sword
Maka is seen with Soul, Shinigami, Stein, Death the Kid, Liz and Patti in the Death Room, welcoming Black Star and Tsubaki back from their successful mission against Masamune. Maka congratulates the two and is seen watching as Black Star attempts to use Tsubaki's new Uncanny Sword form, but fails as it is still too powerful for him.

The Soul that Persisted
Maka, witnessing Stein give Black Star a way to make his soul stronger in order for him to wield Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword form, tells Stein to give her training as well. She is told by Stein to find a way to make herself stronger in her own unique way like Black Star does. Afterward, she goes to visit Soul to remind him of the party being thrown for Black Star and Tsubaki's first soul as well as Soul coming out of the hospital. She shows signs of distress upon seeing Soul's scar that he obtained from protecting her, and continues to blame herself.
During the party, Maka senses Witches in Death City, which are Eruka and Mizune fighting against Medusa. Maka reaches the spot at the same time Dr. Stein did and both see Medusa, who is disguised as the school's nurse. After the three talk about the possible culprit, Soul appears, worried about Maka since she just ran off. The worried Soul makes Maka realize that she must accept what had happened to Soul and work hard not to get him hurt again. Maka then places her hand on Soul's chest, much to his surprise, and tells Stein she has found a way to make her soul stronger.