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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nerdism Moment: CL'ANNAD

Nerdism Moment~!!!!!
Meaning I feel like talking about anime, games or something..
not always accepted by the "normal" world.
Ahem. Sooooo
I've been watching this anime called Clannad on Netflix.
Unforunately it is dubbed not subbed but I deal
because I am too lazy to always try and get comfortable
watching it on my laptop. I like the sofa OKAY?!?!
I also don't like moving my laptop from the desk
because he is comfortable on his desk
and when I move him I have to
unplug ALLLLLL his USB connections
and then he freaks out and loses internet
I don't know. He wasn't originally mine so I'm not sure
why he works this way. Must be a power setting =__=

So I've been watching this anime and it's actually pretty interesting.
Doesn't seem like a "typical anime". It has its moments
but for the most part there's a pretty good story line and the characters
are fun to get to know. It really revolves around this guy who kind of has
nothin really goin' for him at home and his past is a bit hazy but instead
of being some bully at school he actually starts to try and make friends
with some random girls at the school. The thing is, the girls are a bit weird..
Only like two of them appear to have a normal life. The others he ends up kind of helping
with whatever problem they're having at school or with the past... There's like one who is
actually the spirit of a girl who's in a coma, then there's this chick who everyone thinks is like
a robot because of her stregnth and she likes to walk around in a bear suit. Then there's Negisa who seems very weird but ends up being a very sweet girl and joins Tomoya with trying
to get the drama club going. Well, the drama thing starts to get Tomoya (the guy sorry XD) to get more involved in their lives and they become friends.....and like I DONT KNOW. I suck at explaining things because there's all these details in between....bleh. It's interesting though.
I've been told to keep watching it because it gets better. I'm on episode 14 right now. The first story arch is only 24 eps, then there's the "After story" which is 24 eps too.
I don't's weird and it has some fantasy in it, like the story of the girl and the robot in this whole other world going on... (like the photo).

There's not a lot of action in it...except when Tomoyo (the tough girl) beats the crap out of people. Kyou is also a hostile girl...she's hillarious though. XD. Then there's another girl who
is a dang genius but her social skills are they try helping her.

Yeah. I pretty much failed trying to explain this. I suppose I will leave you with the ending song..

There also isn't much romance in this. Not yet anyway. It's mostly about friendship, strong bonds between people, fantasy..some suspense and maybe a little drama, but not much.
Meh. I like it. :]
Oh and I finished this other one called "Chance Pop Session". It's about friendship, sisterhood and music. It was actually cute and short (13 eps)

(Usually you'd see little dangos but it's Pika in this one! XD)