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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Second Harajukize NGC Outtakes.

By Elerem Bachoco, Tertiera Espada

Read the blog HERE.


Well well!

Another NGC chapter opens =

It's the second Sunday of our "Lets-make-NGC-a-Harajuku-Center-Movement" hahahah!

It was raining the day before the 2nd NGC event and I was like....hmmmm Yabai! If this continues till tomorrow the event is going to be a disaster.

It actually rained the morning of the event! :-X
I was on church praying for the the rain to stop LOL!
Well it did stop :XD:

This time I invited my best friend Dennis to come and join in our craziness.
It was actually necessary for us to invite more people because it was expected that fewer people is attending the 2nd event.
Half of our group (Hitsuzen) were not present because some of them attented the Toycon (:cries: I wanted to go too ToT) and the TINTA were quite busy as well.

There were new faces (well thanks for coming = we really appreciate it)
The 2nd NGC wasn't as extravagant as the 1st one (probably because of lack of people) but it was still fun for me =.
I was finally able to spend time with my bff Denski which made that day interesting even we were so few!
You see, were both busy (also my other Bff Pearly-chan! Doko da...?!!!)and hardly see each other that's why every moment with my bff's are precious :love:.

The new faces I was saying...err....
Waaaa! Gomen I wasn''nt able to get a pic solo pic of Nami-schwannn :heart: :XD:

I owe these kids = Thank you for being there! :thanks:
And Nami Girl hahah Her mom was so supportive I kinda envy her =
My mom actually is on an "Anti-Cosplay-Act"
My eyes are deceivingme :wow:
They're doing the Ban-sama hand stance! LOL!
Its a tribute for him hahahaha since he's not around :XD:

Bhezy Denski as (I'm not quite sure Suzaku or Lulu...? 0.o)
Von as Pain
Kai as Count Dracula...???

Pain-sama is Kowaii :faint:
Don't make him mad or else you'll end up like this :O


:blackrose: Gothic People :blackrose:

Look at those two!
Lovely pair XD ahahaha

Lovely pairing isn't it..?
So Romantic! Manifesto!

Kai what's up with your left hand...? hahahah

These place ended up as a Beach for us!
Thanks for that Umbrella! hahaha

The New pair of Karate KID and its Mater

The kawaii Sai-Chan in her self made Maid Dress.
Lovely :clap:

I draw and design my own "Lolita Clothes" but I don't sew them.
I always wanted to make my own clothes too,
but sadly I don't have my own sewing machine and making it by hand will be such a pain in the a**.
Probably when I have enough savings I'll buy one =

A rush up group pic as Von ordered.
Some will be leaving early and we need to document every one who was present =
Thanks to Ralph and Paolo for taking these pictures.

Me and My Bhezy Denski!

We've been friends since HighSchool and been doing so much trouble
that no one could imagine!
Originally we were four but the other one had transferred school and the other which is Pearly! NO idea as of the moment.
We've lost communication with her!
And I hope she'll find ways to contact us >.<
Oh I miss those moments :cries:

Pain-sama looking so COOL!

Don Kai sitting devilishly. har har

At this time another friend of mine Ema-chan arrived.
I was expecting that she's coming as Haruhi but she was busy with something and so she just dropped by =
Well at least she did come :love:

~Kyaaaa Bhezy! You look manly here ohohohoho!

Nemu and Pain Partners...?

Nemu had gone tired of following Mayuri-sama and chose Pain as her new Master hahahah!

Kai and Sai
This is inside the NGC building.
The place is beautifully constructed inside and out.

It was a good thing that the people in NGC are not quite strict of who goes in and out of the building.
I guess the fact that it was a Sunday which means no office helped a lot.

The Nami girl and two of the School Girls went home already.
I hope they did enjoy because we weren't able to give them a warm welcome...this was their first here I guess and looking forward to see them again =

NGC Book 2 is a bit shorter compared to the 1st one = but it was still a worth to spend time with.
I had the opportunity to be with one of my Bff's and met new faces once again.

And here's a closing pic.
A Jump Shot that we never failed to miss every event :XD:
Dunno why but it seems like our day is not complete without a Jump Shot hahaha!

I guess it ends here (for now)
Hmmm there were few of us so few documentations as well :=X
For our Nakama's who attended the ToyCon seriously I envy you guys! :cries:
hahahah but Its alright I did enjoy my time in NGC anyway and you guys on the other hand missed it as well :XD:

Ohh. MAyuri-sama didn't like the fact that I worked temporarily with Pain.
He's really really mad at me now.
I better get back in the lab before its too late.
Mata Ne.