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Monday, March 7, 2011


by Stein Vivero

It's almost a month now but I still keep on receiving random acknowledgment from those people who have witnessed the event. I think this note came in late but it's never too late to thank all those people who have supported and appreciated all of the efforts that we have given to this project.

First, Thanks to Tinta Prod's for making this event possible. Two teams are better than one. I know everyone had a great time during the event, but what I enjoyed the most is the camaraderie that we have nurtured against from all the hassles and issues. I look up and salute Katz-sama for being firm and knowledgeable in all her actions. Thanks to Elisa, Sai, Bian, Julie and ofcourse Fufu-chan for the outstanding companionship. I'm still hoping to work with you all soon :D

Thanks to my co-Hitsuzen core, for being supportive and resilient to all of the circumstances. To Mac, who have been the most active member of the group (may it be on photoshoots and cosplays).. I salute you for giving most of your time and effort for the group. I know that you deserve the spot to be the leader of this fated team. To Elle, who have motivated me to become a good cosplayer, thank you for the trust and by objectively criticizing my cosplays.To Von, who never gets tired of "promulgating" his amazing ideas, Sankyu!. To Po-kun, Vench, Metz, Razel and Romel, thank you for the funny times, the laughs and the crazy ideas. *GROUP HUG*

and special thanks also to Keisha and Ms. Annie Valdez for the photos. HITSUZEN LOVES YOU ♥

Thanks to all the participants, who lately became my FB friends here,thanks for being part of BAcolod's Cosplay History! :D I'm hoping to meet you soon again in future cons and also work in little group projects. FYI: Im very much open with cosplay requests too, as long as you provide me time to prepare. HAHA!

Thanks to the people who have helped us making this event possible. Mr. Rex and Mr. Fred of 888, Pepsi, Elieshoppe, Smackdown and Munsterific. SPONSORS are way important. :D and also for the staff and crews, camera people who chased ANBUs during the amazing race and our fanta-bulous photographers. :D

and of course, the last but not the least...the supporters! (the madlang people). They are actually the reason why I made this entry. Due to their flooding appreciations, I think it is also best to acknowledge them as well. However, I'm not able to list all of your names here but I trully appreciate all of the comments and violent reactions that you have posted on my wall, photo comments, private messages, chats and friend requests. I can barely remember the person's name but this girl who gave me a Kakashi keychain, I'm looking for you. :D

I only realized that I'm already a certified cosplayer when someone left a comment on one of my Kakashi photos stating "You gave justice to the character", It made me uber happy and teary eyed too (I'm quite emotional on these kind of things). It made me feel that I've pulled off the character and made it come to life (which will always be my goal as a cosplayer). A thousand of thanks will not be enough but I hope this note acknowledges all of your appreciations. I LOVE YOU ALL! :D

So now, everyone is cramming and asking about if there will be a next event. There will be for sure and I hope to see you guys on future cons :D I hope that we will always keep this little promise in ourselves and always support this growing community. Towards a better cosplay community! WE HEART COSPLAY MOVEMENT.♥