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Friday, March 18, 2011

Confessions of a Nudeplayer

by Von Fritz Evangelista

In the beginning there was a cosplayer. This cosplayer wants to do something other than cosplaying. So nudeplay was born.

Gawd, I can't explain so much why I became a nudeplayer. I made up the thing itself and proclaimed me the only nudeplayer in the universe. How's that? How's that for someone who has no biceps and triceps and pecs and abs and such?

Maybe it had something to do when Hitsuzen Inc's PIRATED project. That was last year. I played Franky so I had to be in briefs. Oh yeah, I roamed the shooting area in blue underwear. And I didn't care. It was summer anyways. The thing is, I've been exposing myself nude in various media since Multiply times. I even have this video of myself doing dirty dancing. It's nothing serious. It's just for the LOLs.

Then there came one night, I was so effin bored and for the heck of killing my time, I posed nude in the camera with my Naruto makeup still on. And seeing my raw photos, I thought to myself, 'This is cool!' I wanted to make s'more.

Oh no, I never had delusions of myself being a cool nude Naruto. Again, it's for the LOLs. I wanted to feed my ego, I wanted to rake comments in Facebook and that's it. When I posted the pictures, many people were shocked. Those who were shocked much were my closest buds. They kept on telling me I lost my wholesome image. Bullshit! Did I ever have a wholesome image? So I posted in my status, 'I'm prone to underestimation. So I love shocking people of what I'm capable of'.

After Naruto, there's more. And comments flooded. It's like I became the new sensation. I'm not so sure if they mean what they say...that they love what I'm doing. Like duh?! I mean...c'mon, it's nudeplay, I'm polluting everyone's mind. It's something taboo. How could you love such? Not just could you love such an ugly creature with ugly features exposing his ugly parts? I understand they didn't want to hurt my feelings. But well, I also wish to have haters.

I had nudeplay hiatus earlier this year not because I wanted to stop. The camera that I've been using for it had been malfunctioning and I couldn't take good photos. FYI, I've been taking the photos myself putting the camera auto. Yes, I'm the model, the concept designer, the makeup artist, and the photographer at the same time. It's one thing that makes me proud of doing's all my WORK. My purest ART.

And speaking of art, yes, some people are open minded enough to think of my naked poses as art. I praise them people. Want my autograph?

My hiatus was over. I finally acquired a good camera for making nudeplay's comeback. So I started posting photos again in Facebook. Gee, I was overwhelmed by those people who kept on commenting they miss this and that and so on. A friend even told me my photos are already leaked in Luzon and people there are asking, WHO THE FUCK IS THIS FUCKIN NUDEPLAYER?!'

For reals? I got haters?! Heaven!

And then last week, I was shocked when Facebook deleted one of my nudeplay pics (the one in ANBU with my first ever butt exposure) and warned me that I violated the rules of the social network. I was enraged! Enraged as in capital P-I-S-S-E-D O-F-F.

So I burst in my status. Of the gazillion pics posted in FB everyday, Mark Zuckerberg would never mind my scandalous art...I bet my ass. So how come they noticed me? BECAUSE SOMEONE...OR SOMEPEOPLE REPORTED ME.

I was hurt. I don't care hudahel were those people who reported me. It's the fact that I ONLY TAGGED MY CLOSEST FRIENDS. Did someone betray me? Did someone finally gave up his/her plastic nature and wanted to slap the truth in mah face? Or maybe I was wrong. Maybe one of my friends tagged somebody who reads the Bible everyday and reported me as spam so my evil won't spread anymore. Whatever!


And to all my haters, I HATE YOU TOO! I hate you because you hate me in the wrong way. I love haters who hate me because they know me. I hate you haters who hate me because you just feel like hating me. You're just jumping in the bandwagon of haters who hate me because hating me makes them famous.

I love anything posted in Bacolod Wild. I was proud that my Franky pic was posted in there. But hello?! To that someone who said 'Gago ni siya nga Franky'...FUCK YOU! I'm not 'gago'. I graduated Valedictorian in elementary, I was a government scholar in a Science High School for four years, and I graduated college cum laude. Why don't we meet face to face so I can slap in your ugly face the myriad medals I got?

Thank you to those people who noticed my flaw-ful skin. I'm so proud enough to expose them. I'm proud of my scars, because they remind me of my adventures, my pains, my desperate attempts to get some life. I'm proud of my imperfections because they serve as a boundary between me and God. I'm proud of my ugliness because it makes me unique. No one out there can be as ugly as me. Period.

For now, I'm banned to post photos in Facebook. It's a cruel punishment for an egotistic being like me. No, I will not create a new account. Still, there are many ways to exhibit my art. Just like what Sue Sylvester said to Will Schuster, ''Trophies are like herpes. The more you want to get rid of them, they more the come back.''

My nudeplays are like herpes.