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Today Cosplay

Friday, February 25, 2011


by Stein Vivero

I can sense that the cosplay community in Bacolod is aggressively progressing. This would not be possible without those people who strives hard to support the city's cosplay movement.

2009, our group was formed. It was a sluggish process looking for people to be part of the group. Elle and I was initially planning to be part of a cosplay group or just be a cosplay duo for the coming Electric Maskarra 2009. Fate played its part, with the help of Plurk and Facebook, we searched for people and groups who can help us. A number of people declined and a few people showed their interest.

Mac, Mao, Von, Razel and Romel.. the first few who affirmed and committed, Hitsuzen Inc was born. Forming the group was not that easy, it was a total chaos. Believe me, it was. And hurray! everything was resolved.

2010, started with a BANG! Series of shoots done and more to come. It was amazing being a part of the first cosplay convention in Bacolod. It is amazing how people love cosplay. It is amazing to see the growth of cosplay community in the city. I am still hoping to meet more people with same addiction and work with them as well, may it be in conventions or in a simple photoshoot.

Bacolod, thanks for embracing cosplay. Ganbatte minna-san!