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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Naruto Cosplay Fight Mood and Musical Accompaniment

Among important factors that you do not want to miss are the psychological mood and musical accompaniment of your favorite Naruto Cosplay appearances.

Psychological Mood for Naruto Cosplay
One of the most important factors for your successful Naruto Cosplay fight performance is the psychological mood of cosplayers. Usually people tend to be nervous and try to remember by heart the sequence of movements, and that is by itself the greatest mistake. Never try to memorize the fight. If you try to remember everything, it is 60 percent sure to fail. Your fight should be natural, yet it can be attained only by days of rehearsals. Then you can enact the fight and all its main stages without trying to remember what to do next. During rehearsals you can attain a high speed of actions that can be considerably lower in actual cosplay appearance.
The cosplay fight is not just a sequence of moves, it is a continuous play that starts when you take out your weapon and ends when you or your opponent puts down a weapon or “kills” another cosplayer. When you enact fight as a sequence of small scenes, it can break the whole appearance and look unnatural and ridiculous.
When you go on stage in front of large audience, do not think about your responsibility or how to impress them, it can make you too nervous. Try to abstract yourself and live the event. Then your fear will disappear, you will feel calm and confident. You will show that your rehearsals and trainings are not in vain. Your Naruto Cosplay costume is nice, yet it is not all in all. You are the hero. Yet consider safety and health of your partner. Be concentrated. The most harmful kicks are those that you make unintentionally. Thus your concentration matters the most. Do not cripple your opponent. If you want to kick, kick thoughtfully. Do not cheat with kicks in cosplay. One kicks, another defends, that is the game of cosplay fight.
There are three factors that affect your success. The first is your knowledge of the sequence of attacks in your cosplay fight. The second is the control or ability to stop weapon in last moment or alleviate the kick. And the last one is your skill. Do not invent anything that could be detrimental in the long run. And never risk your health or that of your partner. Look at the list of Naruto characters. Check for Naruto outfits and Naruto cosplay weapons.
Musical Accompaniment
Music soundtrack is crucial for your success. Never neglect it. I know a lot of cases when skillful cosplay duels failed due to a poor music accompaniment or the absence of music at all. Music should be in accordance with the mood of the fight and also the rate and speed which depends on your experience and skills.
I hope these advices will help you in your Naruto Cosplay performance. I wish you all success in enacting manga cosplay fights. Look for more on our Naruto Cosplays website.

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