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Friday, December 31, 2010

GamerTotoy's Resolution

Aside from passing on the baton, I've got a few other big changes to make in 2011. Granted that only once in my life have I kept a New Year's resolution, this time I'm pretty focused to succeed in all three.

1. No more alcohol
2. No more casual sex (Tantric sex is fair game because of the meditative benefits)
3. Everyday is training day

It's a huge undertaking, but I've never been so sure of myself. I met a very powerful man who, while savage and ferocious, is an amazing mentor. You wouldn't believe he's nearly in his 60s when you see him in action. He's not as philosophically or spiritually profound as my previous master in martial arts, but he truly is a monster like his master-level peers call him.

If I break even one thing in this list of resolutions during 2011, I swear I will let anyone in the cosplay community publicly humiliate me, I will apologize and compensate for everything supposedly evil that I've done, and I will shamefully take back every single word I've written since I first talked about cosplayers.

Thus so spoke GamerTotoy.
Hail GamerTotoy!
Down with Alodianism!

(P.S. I want a name for the GamerTotoy religion, too.)