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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celebrity Photos of Adam Sandler's Mohawk

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A site called usually has many celebrity photos. One of the more recent celebrity photos on this site shows hilarious comic actor Adam Sandler vacationing in Hawaii with his daughter Sadie over Christmas. It’s one of the funniest celebrity photos I’ve seen in a while, because Sandler is sporting a mohawk hairstyle. I’m not sure if the ridiculous mohawk is for a film role. The hairstyle definitely doesn’t suit him. To be frank, I’m not sure this hairstyle suits anybody. However, Adam Sandler is forty-one years old now. Surely he’s old enough to know that the mohawk makes him look simple minded rather than fashionable. Perhaps Sandler is going through a midlife crisis. Whatever the reason for his hideous fashion mistake, I hope for his sake that his hair grows back soon. Celebrity photos like this one will make fans of Adam Sandler laugh at him rather than with him. Furthermore, he’s lucky Sadie isn’t yet old enough to be embarrassed by him. I’d have died of shame if my dad had gotten a mohawk hairstyle when I was a kid.